biomass pellet mill for sale

1-2T/H biomass pellet mill for sale

There are 3 biomass pellet mill with an output of 1-2 tons per hour, with powers of 90kw, 110kw and 132kw respectively. The biomass pellet machines are mainly used for the production of fuel pellets such as straw, sawdust and wood chips. Continuous production is possible with the use of pressure roller sealing technology.

1.RICHI ring die wood biomass pellet mill for sale

What is the quality of the biomass pellet mill? In order to ensure the welding quality of the biofuel pellet machine, all steel plates are laser-cut to ensure subsequent high-strength welding. Secondly, shield welding is used to prevent welding slag from mixing into the weld.

(1)All the installation processes are precisely matched, the production noise is low, and the operation is more stable. The follow-up painting adopts the sandblasting process, so that the paint is more evenly attached to the surface of the biomass pellet mill, which can keep the paint from falling off for a long time and prevent the biomass pellets making machine from rusting.

(2)The biomass pellet mill is equipped with an automatic lubricating oil pump, which solves the problem that the gear of the reducer is not lubricated in time, prolongs the service life of the reducer, and reduces labor problems accordingly.

(3)The bottom of the biomass pellet mill adopts an integrated large-scale reducer to reduce machine failures, improve production performance and reduce power consumption.

2. Straws and branches for biomass pellet mills

biomass pellet mill for sale

The straws and branches are changed to “burn”, and the “pollution source” becomes clean energy.

In the action of energy saving and carbon reduction, some enterprises have accelerated the development of new technologies and new business formats, bringing green energy and boosting circular development.

The biomass pellet mill is mainly a production machine that presses wood chips, bamboo chips, poplar wood, pine wood, straw, etc. into a cylindrical shape and uses them as biomass pellets.

Biomass pellets are environmentally friendly new energy sources. The diameter of biomass pellets is generally 6~12 mm, the length is 4~5 times its diameter, the crushing rate is less than 1.5%~2.0%, the dry basis moisture content is less than 10%~15%, and the ash content The content is less than 1.5%, the sulfur content and chlorine content are less than 0.07%, and the nitrogen content is less than 0.5%. Therefore, the biomass pellet mill makes the straws and branches “burn” in a different way, and changes from “pollution sources” to clean energy.

The biomass fuel pellet machine adopts technology to customize different types of molds according to different materials, which reduces the loss of the biomass machine and equipment itself, prolongs the life of the biofuel pellet machine, and also increases the output of pressed pellets, ensuring more pellets. , the energy consumption is also relatively reduced.

Compared with traditional wood pellets, the current biomass pellet mill not only has changes in material, but also enhances the wear resistance of the machine itself, and also improves the technology, saves electricity, reduces costs, and the machine can rapid and continuous production and strong fatigue resistance, so the output of the machine is greatly improved, and the technology is more advanced.

Biomass pellet mill machine, multi-purpose biomass machine, can suppress different materials, make straws and branches “burn” in a different way, and change from “pollution source” to clean energy.

3. A runner for sustainable economic development

For a long time, due to the frequent use of traditional fuels, the traditional resources of various countries have been in crisis. From the perspective of sustainable development, the government has formulated a number of policies and regulations to comprehensively limit the amount of coal mining.

Substance fuels are strongly supported, and policy documents have been issued one after another to give policy support. In this process, the biomass pellet mill industry has achieved rapid development.

biomass pellet mill gradually completes the high-tech features of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, and turning waste into treasure. It keeps pace with the trend of the times and turns the agricultural and forestry wastes in our daily life into treasure, which not only brings us wealth, but also contributes to environmental protection, also very helpful.

With many countries’ comprehensive management of energy and environment, biomass pellet stoves have been installed and used in high-end villas or houses in medium and large cities. In the near future, this convenient, energy-saving and pollution-free green energy will become a hot commodity in supermarkets or chain stores.

Richi Machinery specializes in the manufacture of biomass energy equipment and biomass pellet mill. It has a design and manufacturing team with rich practical experience and high-quality, which can produce biomass suitable for customers’ needs according to the needs of customers and the actual situation of customers.

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Next, we will give you specific information about biomass pellets from the following 4 aspects:

(1)What is biomass pellet fuel?

Biomass fuels made by biomass pellet mill use crops such as corn stalks, wheat straw, straw, peanut husks, corn cob, cotton stalks, soybean stalks, chaff, weeds, branches, leaves, sawdust, bark and other solid wastes as raw materials. Pressed, densified and formed into small rod-shaped solid pellet fuel.

Pellet fuel is made by extruding raw materials such as wood chips and straws by pressing rollers and ring die under normal temperature conditions.

The density of raw materials is generally about 110-130kg/m3, and the density of the formed pellets is greater than 1100kg/m3, which is very convenient for transportation and storage, and at the same time, its combustion performance is greatly improved.

(2)What are the insurmountable advantages of pellet fuel?

The shaped pellet fuel made by biomass pellet mill has a large specific gravity, a small volume, and is resistant to combustion, which is convenient for storage and transportation. The volume after molding is 1/30~40 of the volume of the raw material, and the specific gravity is 10~15 times that of the raw material (density: 0.8-1.4). The calorific value can reach 3400~6000 kcal, which is a highly volatile solid fuel.

(3)How to scientifically process and produce biomass pellets?

 The whole biomass pellet mill process requires 5 steps: raw material collection → raw material crushing → raw material drying → granulation and molding → bagging and sales. According to the different harvest periods of crops, a large amount of raw materials should be stored in time, and then crushed and shaped. When molding, be careful not to bag it immediately. Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, it will be cooled for 40 minutes before packaging and transportation.

4. How does biomass pellet fuel reflect its wide range of uses?

Pellet fuel after straw molding is a new type of bio-energy, which can replace firewood, raw coal, fuel oil, liquefied gas, etc., and is widely used in heating, living stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, etc.

Richi Machinery will continue to pursue innovation and excellence. In the complete industrial chain of biomass pellet mill equipment technology research and development, production, sales, and service, we will strive to be upstream, continue to climb the peak of scientific and technological innovation, and develop and produce more high-tech products and biomass pellet mill, so that more users can benefit from innovation, provide inexhaustible power for the long-term development of biomass pellet enterprises, and make new contributions to the sustainable development of society and economy.

pellet mill for wood

FAQ from customers who buy pellet mill for wood

(1) How to make the mold life longer?

With the continuous introduction of pellet mill for wood into the market, the development of mechanical tools is also constantly changing. The wear and tear of the mold during the production of wood pellets is also a major cost. So, how to maintain it directly affects the service life of the pellet mill for wood.

Therefore, it also directly affects the processing cost of wood pellets. How to make the mold life of the wood pellet mill machine longer? Get your answer today!

① Regularly clean oil and fill

If the pellet mill for wood is not used for a month, it is recommended to clean the oil inside, so the oil will gradually harden during long-term storage, which will make it difficult to remove the next time it is used, which will seriously affect the subsequent use of the mold of pellet mill for wood.

After the pellets are processed, it is necessary to use oil to grind for a period of time to ensure that all the oil remains in the die hole, which is of great benefit to the work the next day and is also conducive to the long-term use of the die. The oil can be mixed with waste engine oil and wood chips. It can be made once and can be recycled.

②No need to clean the mold for a long time

If the mold and pinch rollers are no longer used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the mold after cleaning and storage. The master cleans the sawdust pellets inside the mould and adheres to the mould surface. In this way, on the one hand, we can prevent the enterprise from being difficult to remove the pellets due to the hardening of the pellets due to the long-term storage of the students.

On the other hand, because the sawdust has water absorption, if the sawdust on the surface is not removed, it may accelerate the development of the corrosion of the mold surface.

③The mold should be stored in a dry and ventilated place

 Most of the molds of the pellet mill for wood are made of alloy steel. If they are in a humid place for a long time, the surface of the mold may be damaged due to air corrosion, thus greatly reducing its service life.

④The handling process should be careful

The mold of the pellet mill for wood is a high-precision part, and the mold hole is carefully processed according to the compression ratio of the mold. If you are careless during the handling process, the structure of the inner wall of the mold hole is damaged, which may lead to molding during processing. low rate and short service life.

The above are the tips on how to make the mold life longer for pellet mill for wood. Follow these five methods to maintain the mold, and I believe your mold will last longer.

(2) Why do the pellets produced by the pellet mill for wood have a bad appearance?

pellet mill for wood

Why do the pellets produced by the pellet mill for wood look bad? Today we will find out why. During the production of wood pellet fuel by the pellet mill for wood, there will be a situation where the pellets contain powder and have a rough surface. At this time, it is also necessary to check the equipment data settings of the pellet mill for wood. Besides, what is the reason for this phenomenon?

Wood pellets cause more wood pellet powders, this feedstock can be caused by low moisture content, the moisture content of wood pellet machine feed is usually between 12% and ~15%. After adjusting the moisture content of the raw material, the problem still exists, that is, the pressure roller die is seriously worn.

When the inner surface of the ring die of the pellet mill for wood is severely worn or the particle diameter needs to be changed, it needs to be replaced. The surface of the sawdust pellets is rough, which may be caused by the excessive moisture content of the raw material, or the initial use of the mold. This problem can be solved by adjusting the moisture content of the raw material, or by repeatedly grinding the mold with the material.

To sum up, the reasons why the pellets produced by the pellet mill for wood are not good in appearance are mentioned today. I hope it will help you when you use the wood pellet machine again.

Over the years, Richi Machinery has focused on the research and development and production of wood pellet mill machines, biomass pellet machines, sawdust pellet machines, fuel pellet machines, wood processing equipment, drying equipment, cooling equipment and packaging equipment.

(3) Recommended pellet mill for wood

There are many pellet mill for wood on the market. Today, Richi Machinery will recommend some of them:

①The first type of small pellet mill for wood

It is a new type of biomass energy machinery independently developed by our company’s technical staff and has independent intellectual property rights. The pellet mill for wood is simple in structure, easy to operate, stable in operation, and can work continuously. The pressed pellets have the advantages of high density, high combustion value, low moisture and low ash content.

The wood pellet mill machine gearbox adopts high-precision gear transmission, four sets of gears are connected, and the hydraulic oil delivery system can automatically circulate oil between the gearbox and the main shaft bearing. The service life of the main shaft and gearbox gears.

The working parts of the pellet mill for wood (die plate, pressure roller) are made of alloy steel, and the hardness after heat treatment can reach more than 50, which ensures the continuous operation of the machine and prolongs the service life of the whole pellet mill for wood. The electronic control system of the main engine adopts the international standard configuration of star-delta starting, and the operation is extremely stable.

②The second type of small pellet mill for wood

Mainly suitable for granulation of crude fibers, such as corn stalks, sawdust, rice husks, cotton stalks, cottonseed husks, weeds and other crop stalks and factory wastes. It is suitable for low temperature granulation of biological bacterial fertilizer, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

Features of this pellet mill for wood:

①The pressure rollers are evenly distributed, and the operation is stable. At the same time, the pressing area is increased, and the production efficiency is improved.

②The screw center pressure regulating structure is adopted, and the wood pellet mill mold gap can be large or small, which is suitable for different materials to ensure the pressing effect.

③This model is equipped with Φ6-Φ10mm diameter molds, which are suitable for granulation of different materials and achieve the best benefit.

poultry feed pellet making machine

Important step in using poultry feed pellet making machine

In the feed industry, it is often referred to as “conditioning”, that is, hydrothermal treatment of pellet feed powder materials. International studies have shown that conditioning is an important factor in pellet feed quality.

With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of poultry feed pellet making machines, various poultry feed pellet machine enterprises are also paying more and more attention to the conditioning process in feed processing.

Improving conditioning equipment is currently an important aspect to improve the quality of pellet feed products and improve market competitiveness. one of the means. At present, the material conditioning machine is mainly used for the production of aquatic products and advanced animal feed.

poultry feed pellet making machine

1.It is composed of paddles or augers and nozzles.

There is often water vapor, syrup or water in the poultry feed pellet making machine conditioner. The longer the conditioning time, the better.The use of a certain temperature can kill most of the pathogenic bacteria of the material and ensure the hygiene of the feed.

2.Improve the water resistance of pellets.

After conditioning treatment, the viscous components in the material gelatinize starch, which can give full play to the role of denatured protein as a binder, and can effectively bind other components around. The granules are more closely combined, so that the pellets are denser, have a beautiful appearance, and are not easily eroded by water, thereby improving the stability of the pelleted feed in water.

3.Improve material granulation performance and increase output.

By increasing the poultry feed pellet making machine granulation link, the energy consumption of granulation can be saved to a certain extent, and the service life of the pressing die and the pressing roller can be improved.

By quenching and tempering the pellets, the material becomes softer and more plastic, and the frictional resistance is reduced when extruding the hole wall, the inner wall of the die, and the surface of the roller body, which avoids the conversion of a large amount of mechanical energy into heat energy during the poultry feed pellet making machine pelletizing process. Slow down the wear of die and roller.

4.How arepoultry feed pellet making machine maintained?

As a poultry feed pellet making machine user, before debugging the poultry pellet feed processing equipment and production, you need to read the equipment’s operating instructions carefully.

At the same time, we should also fully understand the structure and principle of poultry feed processing machine, understand its functions and operating procedures, operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures, and conduct patrol inspections in accordance with the operating procedures and precautions.

If you operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures, you should also remember the following work:

In general, poultry feed pellet making machine manufacturers have conducted multiple inspections and verifications before the equipment leaves the poultry pellet machine factory. Meanwhile, the motor has been lead sealed and the couplings have been calibrated. Please do not loosen.

In the process of use, the staff needs to regularly sort out the iron impurities on the permanent magnet cylinder and the permanent magnet plate of the feeder. During the operation of the poultry feed pellet making machine, it is also necessary to carefully check whether the fineness of the crushed products meets the production requirements.

At the same time, attention should also be paid to investigating the operation status of the poultry feed pellet making machine, especially after a period of use, the dust collector bags should be regularly arranged or replaced (to ensure that the bag is ventilated), and the working status of the solenoid valve should be checked regularly (to see if it can work normally) . In addition, the wear of each wearing part should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.

Manufacturers of poultry feed pellet making machine should also pay attention to the vibration of feed processing equipment. If it is found that the hammer is severely worn and needs to be replaced, you should pay attention to weighing to ensure that the weight difference between the two opposite hammers on the two opposite (1800 direction) hammer pin shafts is ≤ 1g and the two opposite (1800 direction) hammer pin shafts, the total weight difference between the two opposite hammers is ≤2g.

If the screen is found to be severely worn and needs to be replaced, attention should be paid to whether the flatness of the new screen and the size of the screen are reasonable, whether the equipment is in place, and the screen wool faces inward.

In addition, if the poultry feed pellet making machine suddenly has abnormal conditions such as vibration and noise, it is necessary to stop the inspection immediately. In the course of daily use, we should also do a good job of smooth care.

If it is found that the output of the poultry pellet making machine suddenly drops, in addition to the material elements, it should also be checked whether the damper is in place, whether the pipeline is leaking, whether the pulse bag is blocked, and whether the solenoid valve and fan are working properly.