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9 Tips For Improving Survival Rate Of Fry

1. Typically, fry are not preyed on the day they go into the pond, to ensure that they can adjust to the atmosphere of the reproducing fish pond and also begin feeding the next day.

2. Fish fry need to do a good work of getting rid of the fish pond, eliminating the particles as well as evaluating the water safely prior to going into the fish pond. Validate that the poisoning of medications in the water goes away as well as the fry adapt to the new environment prior to launch.

3. When throwing fry, focus on the dissolved oxygen problem of the water body and also switch on the oxygenating tools in time to boost survival rate of fry.

4. To stop the impact of temperature difference, in order to avoid excessive anxiety of fry in the baby room, the distinction between the water temperature level in the nursery bag as well as the pond water temperature need to not go beyond 2 ℃, and the nursery bag can be put in the pond for half an hour. Temperature level control is one of the most crucial thing to enhance survival rate of fry.

5. When tossing fry, placed the fry in the open area upwind to prevent the fish being blown to the coast by the wind, the pond is not large, and also the fish can not spread out simultaneously, and also crowding brings about absence of oxygen.

6. Throughout the transportation procedure, there is a certain damage to the fry, and also after long-distance transport, the fish are weak and the microorganism’s ability to resist tension is lowered. It is easy to be contaminated by pathogenic bacteria. Consequently, great sanitation as well as anti-stress therapy are required to boost survival rate of fry.

7. Planned to avoid fry natural adversaries. It is best to draw the net a couple of days before the fry are put in the pond to make certain that the dangerous microorganisms in the aquaculture water have been totally eliminated prior to putting the fry.

8. Place the same batch and also the very same spec in one fish pond to prevent the negative effects of size and specification distinctions on the feeding and also growth of people.

9. Within one month after the fish seed startings are put in, eat much less and more meals, and also attempt to feed them equally along the edge of the entire pool to guarantee that the fry consume evenly and feed enough.

The above 9 suggestions for boosting survival rate of fry is just for your recommendation, you need to take care of fish fry according your real circumstance. wish these 9 suggestions of how to improve survial rate of fry will be hepful to you.


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Fish feed extrusion is a crucial  procedure that plays a  important role in producing  high-grade feed for fish  and also  various other water  pets. The extrusion process can be  enhanced by  considering several  aspects,  consisting of  component  option, process  specifications,  as well as  tracking equipment. The  initial step in  enhancing the performance of a fish feed extruder is to  thoroughly pick the active ingredients. The best active ingredients will offer the necessary nutrients in the suitable total up to meet the dietary demands of the target varieties. The active ingredients  need to be formulated to make certain that they are compatible with the extrusion process as well as will produce pellets or other forms that are consistent in size,  form, and  structure. The healthy protein as well as fat content of the active ingredients should additionally be  very carefully balanced to  prevent processing problems. Related post: floating fish feed machine When the ingredients have actually been picked, the process specifications have to be gotten used to enhance efficiency.  Temperature level  is among one of the most  important process parameters in fish feed extrusion. The temperature in the extruder must be very carefully managed to ensure that the active ingredients are correctly prepared  which the pellets are  totally formed  and also  constant in  structure.  Extreme warm can likewise bring about nutrition loss and also other  handling  problems. Therefore, it is essential to  keep an eye on  as well as adjust the temperature throughout the extrusion procedure to achieve optimal outcomes. Pressure is another important  procedure parameter that must be monitored  as well as gotten used to optimize  efficiency. The pressure in the extruder should be  thoroughly regulated to make certain that the ingredients are effectively mixed which the pellets are consistent in size,  form,  as well as texture. Excessive pressure can likewise bring about processing difficulties and result in pellets that are also hard or dense.Therefore, it is important to very carefully monitor and  readjust the stress in the extruder to  accomplish the wanted outcomes.  Along with adjusting process criteria,  checking the extruder for  uniformity as well as  high quality is additionally crucial in optimizing efficiency. Regular  screening  and also monitoring can help determine potential issues prior to they come to be  considerable  troubles,  permitting producers to make modifications and boost the total high quality of the  end product.  Sensing units and also checking equipment can be made use of to check the temperature and also stress in the extruder.  Temperature level sensors can be utilized to monitor the temperature in the extruder  as well as  make sure that it stays within the preferred array.  In a similar way,  stress sensors can be used to  keep track of the stress in the extruder  and also ensure that it  continues to be within the desired  array.  Normal  screening can also help identify  concerns with pellet  uniformity  and also  top quality,  permitting  manufacturers to make  changes to the extrusion  procedure as  required.  Along with  active ingredient selection,  procedure  criterion  modification, and  surveillance equipment, other factors can  additionally impact the performance of a fish feed extruder.  Upkeep  as well as  cleansing of the extruder are  crucial in  making sure that it  runs at peak  performance. Regular  cleansing can  aid prevent  accumulation and blockages that can  result in  refining difficulties.  Finally, optimizing the efficiency of a fish feed extruder calls for cautious consideration of  a number of  variables,  consisting of  active ingredient selection, process specification adjustment,  and also  surveillance devices. By  picking the right  active ingredients,  changing process criteria, and  keeping track of the extruder for consistency  as well as  top quality, producers can accomplish  the very best possible results and  create  top quality, nutritionally  total feed for fish and also other water pets. (Follow…

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