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1-2T/H biomass pellet mill for sale

There are 3 biomass pellet mill with an output of 1-2 tons per hour, with powers of 90kw, 110kw and 132kw respectively. The biomass pellet machines are mainly used for the production of fuel pellets such as straw, sawdust and wood chips. Continuous production is possible with the use of pressure roller sealing technology.

1.RICHI ring die wood biomass pellet mill for sale

What is the quality of the biomass pellet mill? In order to ensure the welding quality of the biofuel pellet machine, all steel plates are laser-cut to ensure subsequent high-strength welding. Secondly, shield welding is used to prevent welding slag from mixing into the weld.

(1)All the installation processes are precisely matched, the production noise is low, and the operation is more stable. The follow-up painting adopts the sandblasting process, so that the paint is more evenly attached to the surface of the biomass pellet mill, which can keep the paint from falling off for a long time and prevent the biomass pellets making machine from rusting.

(2)The biomass pellet mill is equipped with an automatic lubricating oil pump, which solves the problem that the gear of the reducer is not lubricated in time, prolongs the service life of the reducer, and reduces labor problems accordingly.

(3)The bottom of the biomass pellet mill adopts an integrated large-scale reducer to reduce machine failures, improve production performance and reduce power consumption.

2. Straws and branches for biomass pellet mills

The straws and branches are changed to “burn”, and the “pollution source” becomes clean energy.

In the action of energy saving and carbon reduction, some enterprises have accelerated the development of new technologies and new business formats, bringing green energy and boosting circular development.

The biomass pellet mill is mainly a production machine that presses wood chips, bamboo chips, poplar wood, pine wood, straw, etc. into a cylindrical shape and uses them as biomass pellets.

Biomass pellets are environmentally friendly new energy sources. The diameter of biomass pellets is generally 6~12 mm, the length is 4~5 times its diameter, the crushing rate is less than 1.5%~2.0%, the dry basis moisture content is less than 10%~15%, and the ash content The content is less than 1.5%, the sulfur content and chlorine content are less than 0.07%, and the nitrogen content is less than 0.5%. Therefore, the biomass pellet mill makes the straws and branches “burn” in a different way, and changes from “pollution sources” to clean energy.

The biomass fuel pellet machine adopts technology to customize different types of molds according to different materials, which reduces the loss of the biomass machine and equipment itself, prolongs the life of the biofuel pellet machine, and also increases the output of pressed pellets, ensuring more pellets. , the energy consumption is also relatively reduced.

Compared with traditional wood pellets, the current biomass pellet mill not only has changes in material, but also enhances the wear resistance of the machine itself, and also improves the technology, saves electricity, reduces costs, and the machine can rapid and continuous production and strong fatigue resistance, so the output of the machine is greatly improved, and the technology is more advanced.

Biomass pellet mill machine, multi-purpose biomass machine, can suppress different materials, make straws and branches “burn” in a different way, and change from “pollution source” to clean energy.

3. A runner for sustainable economic development

For a long time, due to the frequent use of traditional fuels, the traditional resources of various countries have been in crisis. From the perspective of sustainable development, the government has formulated a number of policies and regulations to comprehensively limit the amount of coal mining.

Substance fuels are strongly supported, and policy documents have been issued one after another to give policy support. In this process, the biomass pellet mill industry has achieved rapid development.

biomass pellet mill gradually completes the high-tech features of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, and turning waste into treasure. It keeps pace with the trend of the times and turns the agricultural and forestry wastes in our daily life into treasure, which not only brings us wealth, but also contributes to environmental protection, also very helpful.

With many countries’ comprehensive management of energy and environment, biomass pellet stoves have been installed and used in high-end villas or houses in medium and large cities. In the near future, this convenient, energy-saving and pollution-free green energy will become a hot commodity in supermarkets or chain stores.

Richi Machinery specializes in the manufacture of biomass energy equipment and biomass pellet mill. It has a design and manufacturing team with rich practical experience and high-quality, which can produce biomass suitable for customers’ needs according to the needs of customers and the actual situation of customers.

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Next, we will give you specific information about biomass pellets from the following 4 aspects:

(1)What is biomass pellet fuel?

Biomass fuels made by biomass pellet mill use crops such as corn stalks, wheat straw, straw, peanut husks, corn cob, cotton stalks, soybean stalks, chaff, weeds, branches, leaves, sawdust, bark and other solid wastes as raw materials. Pressed, densified and formed into small rod-shaped solid pellet fuel.

Pellet fuel is made by extruding raw materials such as wood chips and straws by pressing rollers and ring die under normal temperature conditions.

The density of raw materials is generally about 110-130kg/m3, and the density of the formed pellets is greater than 1100kg/m3, which is very convenient for transportation and storage, and at the same time, its combustion performance is greatly improved.

(2)What are the insurmountable advantages of pellet fuel?

The shaped pellet fuel made by biomass pellet mill has a large specific gravity, a small volume, and is resistant to combustion, which is convenient for storage and transportation. The volume after molding is 1/30~40 of the volume of the raw material, and the specific gravity is 10~15 times that of the raw material (density: 0.8-1.4). The calorific value can reach 3400~6000 kcal, which is a highly volatile solid fuel.

(3)How to scientifically process and produce biomass pellets?

 The whole biomass pellet mill process requires 5 steps: raw material collection → raw material crushing → raw material drying → granulation and molding → bagging and sales. According to the different harvest periods of crops, a large amount of raw materials should be stored in time, and then crushed and shaped. When molding, be careful not to bag it immediately. Due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, it will be cooled for 40 minutes before packaging and transportation.

4. How does biomass pellet fuel reflect its wide range of uses?

Pellet fuel after straw molding is a new type of bio-energy, which can replace firewood, raw coal, fuel oil, liquefied gas, etc., and is widely used in heating, living stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, etc.

Richi Machinery will continue to pursue innovation and excellence. In the complete industrial chain of biomass pellet mill equipment technology research and development, production, sales, and service, we will strive to be upstream, continue to climb the peak of scientific and technological innovation, and develop and produce more high-tech products and biomass pellet mill, so that more users can benefit from innovation, provide inexhaustible power for the long-term development of biomass pellet enterprises, and make new contributions to the sustainable development of society and economy.


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